TimberNook Cape Cod 2018 Summer Programs are at Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster for members and guests of the resort.  

Ages: 5-11 


Sensory Adventures

July 9 – 12  |  August 13 – 16

This week is sensory extraordinaire. The children will be creating a water run, playing tag with flour, obstacle mud experiences and sledding in foam! There will also be plenty of time for free play and games in the wild.  This program is sure to challenge the mind, while fully engaging the senses at the same time!


Going Wild

July 16 – 19    |  August 20 – 23

Back by popular demand, this is a classic TimberNook camp for children that love creating their own little world in the woods.  The children this week will form clans, create their own mail system, and create barricades to prepare for a grand-scale paint war experience.  This program will stretch the minds of your young ones and leave them asking for more!


Village Folk

July 23 – 26

This program is all about design and creativity in the wild.  This week, the children will be creating an entire village of stores in the woods using their own two hands.  They’ll be doing everything from creating their shop idea to making actual products and services to establishing the currency to sell and buy from other kids.  This program is sure to inspire hours of building, creating and most importantly playing!



July 30 – August 3  |  August 27 – 30

Children will dive deep into their imaginations as they enter the world of Neverland in the woods.  Children will create life-sized pirate ships, a pixie hollow, and of course ‘lost boys’ and ‘lost girls’ hideouts.  They will enjoy everything from pirate wars to walking the plank to hunting for treasure in the most unexpected places.  This week is sure to inspire and create lasting memories for years to come.


Extreme Art

August 6 – 9

This week is about art – gone wild.  Children will create forts out of Paper Mache, roll down hills wrapped in bubble wrap in order to paint life-sized canvases.  If you think your child will enjoy whole-body sensory art experiences than this is the program for them!


  • TimberNook Cape Cod is being offered as a Drop-In service for its summer programs at Ocean Edge Resort.  M-Th, 9-1.
  • These child care services are not licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care or any other state agency.
  • There will be a one adult to eight children ratio.  Ages of the children are 5-11 years old.
  • TimberNook Cape Cod is not responsible for the care or supervision of children after the program ends at 1:00 p.m.

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